About Foley Cellulose

Georgia-Pacific owns and operates the specialty cellulose pulp manufacturing mill, known as Foley Cellulose, near Perry, Florida. The mill – built in 1954 – and continually modernized – uses slash pine to produce fibers for filter papers, rayon for clothing and automobile tire cord, food casings, pharmaceuticals, disposable diapers and many other consumer and industrial products. Approximately 70 percent of the pulp is exported outside the United States. Foley Cellulose employs over 500 skilled workers from Taylor and surrounding counties. In addition, over 200 contractors and over 1,000 logging and other service jobs are associated with the Foley mill. 

Community Commitment 

We believe that to be successful in business, we must be successful in our communities and be a strong corporate partner. In part, we do this by supporting local/regional non-profit organizations that help create value for our community and its citizens.This includes more than $100,000 annually to the community, charities and schools. Foley Cellulose, and our employees through payroll deductions, contribute over $100,000 to the local United Way campaign annually. We believe that we must earn the right every day to operate our facilities in the communities where we work and live. That means being a good corporate member of our community.

Plant life near Fenholloway River

Environmental Commitment

Our commitment to the environment begins with our families. We are committed to meeting clean water standards so our families and yours can continue to enjoy rivers like the Fenholloway and the beautiful Gulf of Mexico.

Our guiding principles include a commitment to comply with all state and federal regulations. The guiding principles of compliance and integrity motivate us to complete the Fenholloway Water Quality project in accordance with FDEP’s Administrative Order.

Specifically, it is our policy to:

  • Ensure our employees understand their environmental responsibilities and are trained and accountable for achieving our commitments
  • Use resources sustainably through conservation and optimization, process improvement, research, recycling and beneficial utilization of by-products
  • Ensure our operations are safe for our employees, the environment, and the communities in which we operate
  • Maintain close relationships with regulatory agencies, industry associations and other forums to actively participate in the identification and understanding of environmental issues so that laws and regulations are scientifically based, environmentally beneficial, and cost-effective
  • Establish meaningful and relevant environmental goals and track our progress toward attaining them
  • Have management systems and controls in place at all sites to support the achievement of our commitments and regularly assess the effectiveness of these programs
  • Communicate openly with our stakeholders, sharing our environmental results along with other relevant information

Osprey at the Fenholloway RiverWhen Georgia-Pacific acquired the Foley mill from Buckeye Technologies in 2013, we pledged to eliminate the Class V industrial-use classification and committed to attaining Class III fishable and swimmable standards. We have made significant progress. In 2015, we completed the brownstock washing upgrades. Additionally, permits have been issued by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection for the effluent treatment system and discharge relocation construction. 

The Fenholloway Water Quality Project represents one of the most ambitious and important environmental restoration projects in Florida. The project will ultimately involve a commitment from Foley Cellulose of more than $156 million – a worthy investment in Taylor County’s natural resources and economic sustainability.

For more information about the Foley Cellulose mill, please see our mill page on the Georgia-Pacific website.