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Foley Cellulose Mill Hosts High School Field Trip to the Fenholloway River

Perry, Florida, March 24th, 2016

On March 24th, 2016 the Foley Cellulose mill hosted the second annual educational field trip to the Fenholloway River for approximately 30 Advanced Placement (AP) Science students, with their teacher P.J. Piland and several school volunteers. 

The event began in the High School Library, with P.J. Piland and Scott Mixon, Foley Public Affairs Manager, introducing the purpose and agenda for the field trip to the Fenholloway.  “There are wonderful things you will learn about the environment and the Fenholloway river today that I can’t teach you in a class room”, said P.J. Piland, Science Teacher at Taylor County High School.

Chet Thompson, Fenholloway Project Leader for Foley Cellulose, provided the historical background of the Fenholloway Water Quality Project and the Foley Cellulose mill’s plan to achieve recreational water quality standards in the Fenholloway River.  “The Fenholloway Water Quality Project will complete significant process improvements and upgrades that will enhance the process water treatment system and effluent from Foley Cellulose and relocate the treated effluent away from the existing discharge point to approximately 1.5 miles from the mouth of the Fenholloway”, said Chet Thompson, Fenholloway Project Leader. 

Afterward, the students boarded the bus to visit three locations at the Fenholloway River.  The students were divided into groups to conduct water tests on specific criteria at each river location and then compared the results of the tests among the groups for consistency.  The trip was concluded with lunch for all participants at Hick’s Landing.

“I am extremely grateful to Georgia Pacific for the time, energy, and resources that their employees so willingly put into this field work experience for my students, said P.J.  “It is a great day of learning that I could not provide for them within the walls of my classroom. I look forward to many more years of this partnership in education."

Meredith Upshaw, Science Teacher at Taylor County Middle School also joined the students for the entire event. “This experience gave students the opportunity to learn in a natural environment and experience first-hand an education that is engaging and interactive”, said Meredith. “Thanks to the commitment of GP and all the people that made this educational trip possible.  Our students were given a unique opportunity to expand their horizons while learning more about our natural resources here in Taylor County.”

“It was our goal for P.J.’s students to receive a hands-on educational experience at the Fenholloway River, said Scott Mixon, Foley Public Affairs Manager.  “In addition to the environmental activities, we discussed the accomplishments thus far with the Fenholloway River and the remaining plans to finish the Fenholloway Water Quality project.  The Fenholloway River is a great example of how people in business, the community and government work together to improve the environment.” On behalf of the Foley Leadership Team, I want to thank P.J. for her enthusiasm toward education and her tireless effort on behalf of our students in Taylor County.” 

First Picture:  P.J. Piland and Chet Thompson explain to students the use and importance of a Secchi dish to water testing water quality.

Second Picture: Brian Tish, Foley Research and Development Technician, explains the water testing process and criteria to students Heidi English, Jacqueze King and Meredeth, 8th Grade Biology Teacher for Taylor County Middle School.

Third Picture: Students, Teachers and Foley Cellulose employees gather at the edge of the Fenholloway River for a group photo.

Fourth Picture: Seniors Rachel Poling and Brooke Easter record the results of a water test.